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Corn Grading Policy  09/22/05 10:24:20 AM


Moisture at 14.0% and above is averaged throughout the job.Corn testing below 14.0% is marked dry and figured as 14.0% in arriving at the average.

All moisture testers are checked and approved by the Illinois Department of Agriculture – Department of Weight and Measures each year. Moisture content of corn of the same variety planted at the same time in the same field and similar soil can vary considerably from load to load when harvested due to uneven fertilizer spread, uneven depth of planting various rows, dead furrows, ridges, etc

Foreign material and broken corn (F.M.): During harvest corn is subject to F.M. discounts on the basis of each load that exceeds 3.0% F.M. if dry corn or 2.0% F.M. if wet corn (since F.M. increases after wet corn is dried) at a discount rate of 1¢ per each 1.0% or fraction thereof that the F.M. exceeds the dry or wet standards stated above. F.M. discounts on corn can usually be completely eliminated if combine has the correct sprockets and is run at proper cylinder and ground speed. We need your cooperation for a good quality storable product. After harvest F.M. is based on the average of all loads delivered on a contract.

Damage: Damage that exceeds 5% will be subject to discounts in effect at time of delivery. Discounts are basis average of all loads for a particular delivery. Upon customer request, we will grade corn on a load per load basis or run spot checks to let customer know how the grade is doing on damage or F.M.

Weevil, Heating, Musty Odor and Sour Odor: Discounts often vary; therefore discounts applied will be at rates in effect at time of delivery. Discounts are basis each individual load. We will consider hot dry corn out of farm dryers as heating and subject to heating discount. The standard for proper cooling of dried corn is to cool to within 10 degrees (and preferably less) of the outside air temperature.

Samples of grain testing above #2 for damage or F.M. are held until settlement date or 30 days whichever comes first, except high moisture samples which are disposed of after 24 hours. If you wish to view your sample, please do so within the above described time limit. We do not average grade of a customer’s grain delivered prior to or following their harvest with their new crop harvest deliveries

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