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Shrink Rates  12/13/13 10:04:03 AM


Shrinkage for corn to 14% = 1.4% x points of moisture above 14%. Shrinkage for corn to 15% = 1.40% x points of moisture above 15%. Shrinkage for soybeans to 13% = 1.4% x points of moisture above 13%

Our computer system takes into account the size of each load when computing average moisture prorated to 0.01% for a near perfect weighted average with which to arrive at the pounds of shrinkage.

Shrinkage is not an expense, but merely the weight of the water that leaves the wet grain as it is dried down to dry grain either artificially or by action of Mother Nature. There is a very small consideration in shrinkage rates for artificial drying to cover what is called the invisible loss. That covers loss in weight from dust, small particles, and by wear and tear on the grain as it works its way through the drying equipment. This loss is insignificant when compared to the amount lost by waiting for grain to dry in the field. Field losses by waiting on Mother Nature to do the job can exceed the entire cost of artificial drying of high moisture corn.

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